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When you're remodeling a room or making an addition to your home, you have to update the plumbing, too. A bathroom or kitchen remodel can't be completed if the appliances and fixtures aren't set up correctly. Dependable Plumbing offers a range of plumbing remodel services in Amarillo, TX. When you trust us for plumbing fixture installation, everything in your new bathroom or kitchen will work correctly from day one.

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Why should you work with a plumber

Why should you work with a plumber

Partnering with an expert plumber will ensure all of your plumbing work is handled correctly. When you rely on our plumbing remodel services, we'll take care of:

  • Relocating pipes
  • Installing fixtures and appliances
  • Moving drain lines

Don't risk such a major part of your remodel working with an inexperienced team. Call us today at 806-374-2336 for plumbing fixture installation and more.